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Gay Marriage - in India?

When most city-bred middle/upper-middle Indians think of "tribals" - in all our hubris we have this image of a "backward" people , not "civilised" etc. etc. Without over-romanticising them, that image is plainly bollocks, and stories like this quite remarkable tale, serve as reminders for those of us that may have forgotten that...

These two tribal women -Wetka Polang, 30, and Melka Nilsa, 22, declared themselves to be very much in love with each other, and after some cajoling and bribing were recently wedded with the blessing of their community and all.
After much persuasion by family members, Kandha villagers of Dandabadi finally gave consent to the formal wedding.

"They [Wetka and Melka] wanted to prove that they can live without the help of men. They also love each other very much. So we decided to forgive them," said village elder Melka Powla.

But the two tribal women had to pay fines to their community to get it to bless their union...
But they apparently won over all their detractors, and all's well that end's well
Eventually, last month, Wetka applied vermillion on Melka's forehead in the tradition of Indian marriage ceremonies before a disari or community priest, said village elder Dalimangi Chexa.

Now the couple say they are happy.

"We are leading a blissful married life. We love each other very much," Wetka told the BBC.
[from the Beeb]
Another blow to the monolithic Sanghi version of "Indian" culture...

For my non-Indian friends, India's official colonial era Penal Code has a sodomy law that outlaws homosexual relationships (although it has been rarely applied), and homosexuality is still rather frowned upon in "mainstream" India..
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