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Empire is going mad

Really, absent minded professors are handcuffed, arrested, and taken to jail by all of five armed officers for the cardinal sin of jaywalking.
The officer asked for identification. The professor asked for his, after which Officer Leonpacher told him he was under arrest and, the professor claims, kicked his legs from under him, pinned him to the ground and confiscated his box of peppermints.
Hmm, beware of those killer peppermints.. Maybe they were curiously strong? To continue:
Professor Fernandez-Armesto then spent eight hours in the cells before the charges were dropped. He told the Times that his colleagues now regard him as "as a combination of Rambo, because it took five cops to pin me to the ground, and Perry Mason, because my eloquence before a judge obtained my immediate release".
Not an academic you want to be messing with on that evidence, yet apparently in the true academic tradition
The bespectacled professor says he didn't realise the "rather intrusive young man" shouting that he shouldn't cross there was a policeman. "I thanked him for his advice and went on.

More seriously, The Great Leader made a Great Address to the Nation, he has a newish defence secretary, the Iraq Study report just came out recently, and taking all of this advice into consideration, he has a Plan. The Plan - to put 20,000 more troops into Iraq, and some more sabre-rattling at other "Axis of Evil" members. March Of Folly doesn't begin to describe this Hare brained plan. Do these folks live in some sort of Reality Distortion Vortex? Empire is losing it, I tell you..
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