lod (oldhen) wrote,

A wee bit of Colbert, luv

Let's kick things off with a topic close to my heart - Colbert weighs in on Unions and Solidarity, using his characteristic wit to make a sober political point..

He was recently on Bill O'Reilly's show - it takes something special to leave that particular sterling specimen of humanity bumbling.. "What gives you the strength - Jesus Christ, or Pat Robertson's protein shake?"

Colbert's always funny, but it'll be hard to top this rip on science, nerds and technology, which includes this pearl on the iPhone:
"Yes, the iPhone has given the nerd community it's biggest collective hard wood since Princess Leah wore a bronze bikini, but you haven't engorged me Apple, I'm flaccid with rage"

Word - more 'fake news', less cable news..
Tags: humour
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