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Fall from grace

To say that cricket is followed with a passion in South Asia is stating the bleeding obvious, devotion comes closer than passion at describing the fervour the beautiful game inpires across the subcontinent. India may be a country of many different castes, religions, tongues, cuisines but cricket is one of the few threads that binds us all together. I have written before about the particular joys of test match cricket, and over the past ten years or so of test cricket watching, had come to admire one Rahul Dravid.

The elegance of his strokeplay drove enthusiasts to raptures, but we rooted for him for showing us that aggression did not have to be of the in the face sort to be mightily effective, and for remaining throughout it all a seemingly nice bloke. I was a little disappointed then to read that he (Dravid) inaugurated a RSS programme in Nagpur, supposedly a part of the birth centenary celebrations of the RSS idealogue Golwalkar, lighting a lamp before the man's picture. The captain of the Indian cricket team is a prize catch indeed for our fascist friends. Mr Golwalkar was one of the defining Sangh ideologues, a man who was openly supportive of Nazi ideologies, and was very clear that India was to be a Hindu Nation, a charming man in short. [some quotes here] Of course India's a free country where even genocidal a*holes like Mr. Modi win elections so India's cricket captain should be free to even garland fascists if he were so choose, but somehow methinks that fervour will be missing from my end the next time Dravid walks out to bat..

I know it's only a game, etc. and Dravid's politics certainly don't detract from his sporting exploits, but damn it falls from grace are always a little disppointing..
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