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NYC weekend

Ever been on a "quest for the laciest, most crisp-edged lentil and rice crepe, wrapped around spiced potatoes"? A restaurant review posted outside the quite excellent Saravanas in New York claimed that the quest for the laciest etc. ends there.. The dosas are pretty darned good (if you like them the papery-thin Madras style), just thought that review was too funny..

Life has been pretty crazy of late, crazy in a sleep-deprived, slave-driven kind of way. A little weekend break in New York was just what the doctor ordered, not particularly restful, but then it's hard to laze around in a city where so many people work so hard to get ahead in life. Uday, a close friend, lives opposite "Yuva bakery", it never ceases to amaze every night I'm there to see the workers work the night shift baking the bread, cakes and scones for the Upper-East Siders to enjoy come day-break. Took the 7:30am train from Manhattan to Queens, sharing the space with some fellow sleep-deprived folks, 'cept they probably do it every night..

Also saw the Namesake, frankly couldn't really understand what the fuss was about. The immigrant story was fairly predictable, Gogol's character not really fleshed out, and there was this Monsoon weddingy feel to the movie that was completely out of place with the story.. Irfan Khan saves this movie from mediocrity, but even he can't carry a weak script. I haven't read Jumpa Lahiri's book, but have read Gogol's Overcoat, expected something more than the perfunctory nod to Gogol. Overall this is maybe a movie that you could watch on a lazy sunday afternoon at home, not something I'd recommend dishing out the $$ to see at the cinemas. It didn't make me particularly homesick either, but missing the wedding of two of my closest friends certainly does. Bah.

In the end the company of close friends is always something to treasure even if the movies aren't and sleep is scarce, the dosas and Strand Book Store are merely the icing on the cake.
Tags: grad school, life, movies
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