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War Criminals - Go Home

So the boffins at the UMass admin. decided in all their infinite wisdom to reward Andy Card (Bush's ex chief of staff) with a honourary degree for "public service". As head of the White House Iraq Group his 'public service' included lying and deceiving a gullible US public into accepting an illegal and immoral invasion. As if surviving grad school wasn't hard enough, only get the same reward at the end as a war criminal, and a man who managed to make John Ashcroft look like a guardian of civil liberties - sweet..

This is one of the most progressive campuses in the US, I have no idea what the fuck they were thinking when the offer was made. I've never seen so many folks on campus - faculty, students and staff agree on anything, but despite all the strident protests, including shutting down admin. buildings, the administrators held firm, and so it came down to commencement day. Outside the commencement ceremony, he was greeted with scenes like:

And inside, with boos and catcalls loud enough to drown out the Provost and President reading out the acutal citation of the degree ( video below). The minute and a half of bedlam was fun while it lasted, but in all honesty felt like a defeat - the jerk got his degree in the end.. Just wish people had put all their energies into blocking the award in the first place.. But oh well, at least it gave the good folks of this town a good target to release the pent-up frustrations of the past 6-7 years, and we will certainly fight another day..

Had dropped off the blogging world for a while - so hello again, hope things have been going well..
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